Dean Remark

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. WbWelcome to Faculty of Islamic Religion UMY. It is an honor for us, as a part of academic education, to be able to contribute for the development of human resource in Indonesia. Along with the science development, we realize the importance of sustainable research in education. Apart of the learning activity, the implementation of science becomes the inseparable things in education, thus, we discussed this issue with the expert, practitioner, society, and students as the future generation.
Based on the society issues of global changes and challenges, Faculty of Islamic Religion UMY try to find out the solutions to solve the issues, provide the positive motivation and improve the confidence to achieve the society goals.
We prioritize the learning method and standard in order to ease the students in learning activities. Islamic environment, friendly, fun and comfortable learning becomes the culture of Faculty of Islamic Religion UMY in accordance with the purpose of Faculty of Islamic Religion UMY to become the excellent faculty in Muhammadiyah Higher Education in Islamic Studies.
The future activities are the step to achieve the main goal of institution to still active in expert discussions, the improvement of academic quality, research funding, publication, national and international cooperation in order to improve the quality of students and lecturers.
Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb
Dr. Akif Khilmiyah, M.Ag.
Dean of Faculty of Islamic Religion UMY