The First Activity in University of Malaya (Day-2)

September 19, 2016, oleh: superadmin
On Monday, September 19th2016 was our second day in Malaysia. But today is the first day we do activities at the University of Malaya. Exactly at 11:00 we started to attend class with students of Islamic Education University of Malaya third semester. Before class begins, we get acquaintance with them. It’s a good response and it certainly will not be forgotten in our lives. Not only that, we also exchanged numbers so that in the future could continue to connect kinship. After that, a lecturer into the classroom, and the classroom atmosphere is already fully visible by the students here, including our, student exchange from Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. This class is the approximately 80 students.
Today class was filled by Dr. Mohd. Anuar ibn Mamat who discuss the development of Islamic education in Malaysia, ranging from the early history of Islamic education in Malaysia. Not much different from the history of Islamic education in Indonesia. Starting from the arrival of Islam in Malaysia is through of factors such as trade and the propagation of Islam that continue to occur until the end of Islam spread to the archipelago. Basically, Islam and science is something that should not be separated because studying is an obligation. That’s why Islam is very concerned with the problems of education. With their education, we can distribute knowledge to Muslims in particular.
Attending the class of Islamic Education.
Two hours had passed, and then a lecture today in both ends meet. We don’t want to go through this moment so we took a picture together. After that we said bye to them because after this there was a meeting with the parties of APIUM .
Finished the first class of Islamic Education University of Malaya
This meeting to introduce about University Malaya (UM) Akademi Pengajian Islam University Malaya (APIUM) and Islamic Education programme from TPID, TPIT and Islamic coordinator with Dr Ahmad bin Yusoff and Dr Tengku Sarina Aini bt Tengku Kasim.
Photo with TPID, TPIT and Islamic Education Coordinator.
After praying, we entered college the second class on today by Dr. Ahmad ibn Yusuf to the subject of Education Technology. This lecture discusses a lot of theories of learning and teaching. Although these materials had been delivered but it is important to be studied simultaneously refresh our brains.
Attend Second Class of Education Technology.
Honestly, we as Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta students to amazed with this teaching. University Malaya already using Moodle’s application is supervised by the spectrum. Moodle is one application of the concepts and mechanisms of learning the use of information technology, which is known as the concept of electronic learning or e-learning. It’s very easy for us as a lecturer and a student. All assignments can be shared via Moodle.
At 18:05 lecture ends, then we went to the mosque to perform prayer. Afterwards, we sat in front of the mosque while waiting for the car that will take us to the KK12. Please stop here for now. Wait for our stories further. (Nikmatus Sya’diah)