Activities on University of Malaya (UM) more enjoyable. On 22 September 2016 was fifth day after our arrival in UM. Enjoy the campus atmosphere that is very different from the campus in Indonesia, we are interested and always adventure. Look for similarities and differences between campuses in Indonesia with Malaysia add to our knowledge.

On Thursday, our activities on campus are not many. We only learned at 4-5 PM. So, we use the free time in the morning to other activities. At 8.42 AM, we walked toward the gym around the campus. We can see a lot of students were queuing for a bus ride, because they will go to faculty.

The picture was taken when students ride the bus to learn. Students do not pay the bus, because the bus is the facility of campus. All students living in Hostel are very like to walk or ride the bus when it will go to learn.

The places for sports very much. In every place, campus always provides a field or fitness place, because, students love sports in the morning and afternoon. We walked from the Hostel to Field about 1 km.

Campus provides fitness equipment in the near field. Fitness equipment comes with a user manual with English language. A quality is still good.

When we would return, we saw a large trash box. University of Malaya provides a special trash box, allow students to dispose of thrift or second shoes. Money from the sale of used goods will be donated. This is the picture.

At 2.23 PM, We spend time with a walk around the campus using the campus bus. Campus UM is a International campus. So, in the bus we can meet with the various ethnic. Bus help us to see every place on campus.

Because we were there a lesson at 4 PM So, we immediately returned to the Hostel to get ready. After we were ready to leave Hostel, we went to the APIUM (Akademi Pengajian Islam Universiti of Malaya) to follow the Arabic language lessons with Dr. Adama Bamba.

Arabic language lessons on University of Malaya very interesting. The lecturer actually was came from Afrika. While the lesson, the lecturer explain the material using English and Arabic language. Students are very enthusiastic about listening material. Lecturers explained by relaxing and exciting. The material described in this afternoon is about a teacher is able to teach students well. Dr Adama Bamba explains how a student can submit an idea or active during a lesson. After the lesson is finished, we return to the Hostel to rest. (Farah Saufika Permana)