Daily Story of Student Mobility Program In University Of Malaya (Day-1)

September 18, 2016, oleh: superadmin

Asalamualaikum wr.wb.
First, I want to tell you about us before we here in University Of Malaya Kuala Lumpur and after in here. I guess, there are too many stories in here.
Sunday 18th September 2016 may be the beginning of an unforgettable trip for us to the University of Malaya.
Starting from the Adi Sucipto airport and then our first transit at Soekarno-Hatta airport before flying directs to Kuala Lumpur. Look at the picture (Hehe)
One hour and thirty minutes of our journey from Indonesia to Kuala Lumpur through the air. and at 14:00 local time we arrived at the Kuala Lumpur. It’s in my heart say when first entered the gates of the University of Malaya I said “Mashallah” it will be a very interesting and certainly great.
Another thing that makes me even more amazed when he first entered buildings of University  Malaya is an extraordinary lecture and campus facilities are very good and nice course. Whether it’s sports facilities, student activities, as well as other supporting facilities.
And I think of spatial environment of the University of Malaya itself really very neatly with the concept of the green campus. And not just a great campus but also clean, tidy and charming. I feel comfortable at all. and I think the atmosphere like this is needed by students in Indonesia.
For the first day of class, we learn about the history of Islam in Malaysia. I felt I knew how the learning atmosphere in class with excellent room management and supported by a good class facilities. So that the learning process in class was fun.
Perhaps it is little I can tell you my first day at the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. And actually, there are more stories than that. Maybe later we will connect again at another time.
Thank you, Wassalam. (Aron Gemilang El-Yasar)